Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is the Worldwide Leader for Technology and Analytics across IBM's Business Process Outsourcing unit.

Get Smart: How to Make Analytics Interesting

What if you could dramatically increase the impact data analytics has on your organization by adding just few simple tweaks?  Sometimes it really isn’t that hard.  A common issue we repeatedly see is our clients’ inability to make analytics “actionable”.  All too often simply visualizing the same data in a different format drives very different […]

IBM Watson: Advancing Brain Cancer Treatment

Sometimes life throws a few unexpected events at you.  Near midnight on the evening of July 19th, 2012, I felt my wife shaking me and pleading:  “Wake up; you have to listen to this guy!”  Groggy, through half-open eyes, I listed as Charlie Rose interviewed Dr. Lukas Wartman about how whole genome sequencing famously saved […]

Advanced Visualization: How to Spot a Rule Breaker

With all the buzz around “Big Data” and “Advanced Visualization”, what often gets lost are the real life examples of how to apply this technology. With visualization in particular, explaining a complex topic to clients often boils down to showing a simple picture. Consider this real-life dilemma: the average company only realizes 60% of identified […]

Get Smart: A Crash Course on Big Data and Analytics

The Wire recently reported that ‘Big Data’ was one of the most overused corporate buzzwords in 2013. The usage of the term on investor presentations and conference calls increased by 43% this past year. Of course, The Wire also correctly pointed out that the phrase is often misused. People may think they understand the definition […]

The Tale of the Two-Ply Toilet Paper Caper

“I’d rather use sandpaper than this toilet paper.”  “We can’t keep up with the clogs.”  “It’s tough enough to write on with a pencil.”  The complaints were overflowing, literally.  Our client’s procurement team had recently negotiated a seemingly attractive contract with a supplier that included, among other items, standard two-ply toilet paper at a very large […]

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